We're different ...
we know it ...
and we are proud of it.

Through out the three decades that Shufro Security Co. Inc. has installed electronic security and emergency systems, we have seen a lot of changes. The technology in recent years has overpowered all but the most up to date companies. Most installers these days install systems by the red wire on the red screw technique without much knowledge of what signal is going down the red wire. The changes from relays to transistors to microchips to computers, has most of the industry confused- but what about the customers?

Today the life of an average alarm system "control box" is about one year. After a year the box is superseded by another, bigger and better but not totally compatible with last year's box. If a keypad breaks three years after installation it is almost impossible to find a replacement. Of course, the system you buy from another company doesn't get better with time.
Shufro Security, because of our 30 year commitment to servicing our customers allows only "upward compatible" systems. As we think of new things, you can use them. By teaching a computer to be an alarm (rather than building a dedicated alarm box) we can upgrade the software, which we write and own, to bring in new ideas as they develop. Our computers have hardware ports to allow for totally new concepts rather than antiquate a system. We never want to tell a customer "you can't do that" or "we can't get the part". Our concepts are universally recognized and have been published in articles in national trade magazines. Shufro holds U.S. patents on some of its innovative ideas. Many of the industry "standards" now were Shufro standards more than 20 years ago. Does this make our systems more expensive? No, just better.
We look forward to 30 more years of new and creative ideas for the electronic security industry. Some things in our "Mr Wizard" like labs will be offered in the near future and some will not make the grade, but Shufro will always have the most advanced - but down to earth, systems there are.
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