Well, here in the wizard's lab, strange and new security ideas are explored. Many of them fail to see a customer, after all I said they were strange. But, by trying new ideas, we sometimes find a few gems. These are the kernels of our systems-why our systems are so different, why they work.

August 14, 2006:

The internet alarm information system uses advanced software in your alarm control panel (the large metal box) in conjunction with the fantastic concepts of Eric Shufro and his Pack-it Technologies (The clear little box). Eric has spent a considerable amount of time developing methods of converting data from normal devices into things that can be sent and stored over the Internet. He is responsible for the excellent and simple web pages you can read and work with on Shufro.com. Eric is also well known for work in the embedded software field. If you want to learn more about Eric and Pack-it , click here .

Additionally, Shufro Security welcomes you to try out the new Shufro Internet Alarm Information System by clicking the right image below, or clicking on the "Go to the Internet Alarm Information System" on the left navigation bar. You may log-in as User Name: 9 and Password: secret

Click here to try out the Shufro IAI today!

August 15, 2006:

The latest cake in the bakery is the PDA wireless keypad. Another fantastic project by Eric, this software allows you to use your windows based wireless PDA as a keypad inside your own wireless network. You can control all the features of your alarm from the PDA, and easily turn the system on and off using the large touch screen keypad. Zone status and names as well as bypass control is on page two along with most of the information on the internet site except the event log. Now a keypad on your night table complete with sound and real time lights is as easy as firing up the PDA and starting SWK, the Shufro Wireless Keypad.