Frequently Asked Questions


Changing Codes:

Both your code and the maid code can be changed by getting into the code programming mode.  This is done by holding down the * key while the system is disarmed.  Both lights on the keypad will blink for a few seconds then stop with your finger still holding the *.  Now you are in the code programming mode and you can release the * button.  From here there are four things which can be done. You can change your code, change the maid code. Turn the Maid code off, or Make the maid code OK to use. Touch 1 to change your code, and then slowly waiting for the blinks on each keystroke enter the four digits of your code. or touch 2 To change the maid code, and then slowly waiting for the blinks on each keystroke enter the four digits of the maid code. The flash after the 4th digit is entered is quick so you know you got it right. Once programmed in the maid code can be made active or not active by getting into programming ( hold the star until it stops blinking) and then pressing 3 for NOT ACTIVE or 4 for ACTIVE. If the MAID code is NOT ACTIVE, then its use will cause an alarm. Your code will reset it.  You can change the status of the maid code from active to not active as many times as you like.  You will not need to reprogram the code numbers each time you enable or disable it.

Bypassing Zones:

With the system disarmed, to bypass one or more zones, touch and release the  # key and when the blinking stops press keys 1-5 depending on which zone or zones you wish to bypass.  When you are done with your bypass selections press * and release.  Everything can be made alive again by just pressing #  (wait for the blinks) and then *. 

Changing Account Monitoring Password:

Give us a call. We can make it anything you like.

Account Monitoring:

Bills are sent quarterly for your convenience.

What is that womens name again?

The wonderful women (Boston Globe aclaimed) who we've all come to love for her character and incredible problem solving skills is Esther.

What makes Shufro Security Different?

Check out the "What We've Done Link"

How long does an installation take?

Installation times may vary job to job. On average it may take anywhere from several hours, to most of the day. Most residential jobs take one day.

Are there any backlogs for installation?

Not usually,  most jobs are scheduled several days to a week ahead.

When can I schedule an installation?

Most installations are done during the weekdays. Emergency service is always available.

How long has Shufro Security been in business for?

Shufro security has been a leader in custom security systems for nearly 30 years making us one of the most experienced companies in the North East.

Are there any additional charges?

Shufro Security will never surprise their customers with "hidden" charges of any type. Our quotes include all of your expenses.

What happens in a power outage?

Nothing! All shufro security systems are equiped with battery backup should the power fail.

Where is the Central Station?

Right here in Boston.  You can make any changes you like by talking with Esther at the regular office phone 617 244 3355. After hours direct inquiries can be made by calling 617 426 4205 and selecting zero at the prompt.

For other questions or inquires give us a ring!

617 244-3355 1-800-YSHUFRO