Unheard of things Shufro does every time:

  1. Low temperature sensor for freezing pipes.
  2. Alarm memory keeps track of what caused your last alarm with out any clearing or reading out on the customer's part.
  3. Smart computer software allows you to set the alarm with the exit door open, so your don't have to freeze in place or have other people "leave first."
  4. Smart computer software allows you to pre- stackup the first 3 digits of your code for "one button arming".
  5. Simple logical software for maid code on/off, code programming, and area selections.
  6. Plug in CPU cards allow for easy expansion and never gets out of date.
  7. Erasable software allows for free new features as we, and you think of them.
  8. Custom software to get rid of any little thing that bugs you.
  9. High speed co-processing dialer with dial tone recognition and tone dialing for the fastest central station data.
  10. All detection splices are soldered not just crimped for lasting reliability.
  11. Neat, single switchplate size keypads. Very powerful but neat.
  12. Two sirens running in sync for effectiveness as well as reliability.

A few of the really unheard of things we do in special cases:

  1. The first and only interactive speech synthesis alarms the tell you in real English what's going on and what happened while you were gone. (No instructions are necessary, it helps you if you need it.)
  2. Religious software for those that wish to have their system turn on and off by time and date rather than by manual control on certain days. (This suppresses any blinking lights too.)
  3. Custom graphic map displays, showing the house layout with open doors and motion units lit up.
  4. Multi-area control systems to handle many independent locations in one physical building- like 6 medical offices for instance.
  5. Two area control for those that have a separate home office or tenant area and want independent control over these areas like they were two systems.
  6. Handicap software to help both blind and deaf people as well as those just a little shaky.
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